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Different Strengths. Different Challenges. Different Opportunities.

Rudolph Community

and Care

Helping People Achieve Independence

Rudolph Community and Care (RCC) enables near-independent living by providing affordable Adult Foster Care environments, customized toward what you need most.

Problem Solving Skills

Problem solving skills play a vital role in human development. We can provide the tools necessary to promote creativity, planning, and analytical thinking.

Behavioral Management

RCC works with licensed professionals to create individual techniques for developing healthy social and personal habits.

Wellness Education

Proper self care looks different for everyone. Our specialists thoughtfully target information gaps to determine which resources are best for you.

Employment Skills

From resume workshops to professional soft skill development, RCC is committed to seeing our clients succeed in whatever they do.

Crisis Response

When moments of crisis threaten to disrupt your life, RCC is there to help understand how to process and move forward.

Who We Are

At Rudolph Community and Care, we believe people living with disabilities have the right to creative, effective, and individually tailored living environments. RCC strives to re-imagine what disability support can and should look like every time we meet with a new client by collaborating with lead agencies and stakeholders to establish future goals.

Our Services

Child & Adult Foster Care

Child and Adult foster services for individuals who require daily staff support to foster and promote physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth and stability.  Our homes are thoughtfully located and designed to support the therapeutic needs of each resident.

Crisis Respite

RCC provides short-term residential care and intervention strategies to reduce the level of intense behavioral support needed. Crisis services are provided to help the individual successfully return back to more integrated services and supports.

Great staff. Pleasant atmosphere.


The staff deeply cares about their clients and want what is best for them. This company assures the best of training to their staff in order to provide the highest quality services possible. Highly recommend!
Anika Gustafson

Great staff!

Kenny Rodgers

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