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Rudolph Community and Care works closely with each individual we serve and their team to develop a plan to meet each person's unique and changing needs. Here is a list comprised of some of the basic and most requested services we provide. RCC provides services under the waiver for SLS, ILS and SILS.
  • Teaching Daily Living and Mental Health Management:
  • - Wellness education.
    - Medication monitoring.
    - Forms and paperwork completion.
    - Apartment maintenance.
    - Problem solving skills development.
    - Organizational skills development.
    - Personal safety and self care skills development.
    - Cooking and meal planning skills development.
    - Coordinating services for client's mental health.
    - Medical needs, chemical health, employment etc.
    - Behavior management, cues and prompting.
    - De-escalation, medication education.
    - Utilization of harm reduction strategies.
    - Crisis prevention.
Rudolph Community and Care - Services
  • Service Coordination:
  • - On-going communication and coordination with county case managers, vocational staff, medical providers, guardians, community organizations, and other agencies needed.
    - Assisting with scheduling of appointments.

  • Group Socialization/Activities:
  • - Targeted socialization opportunities, which are initiated for a specific therapeutic purpose based on clients assessment.
    - These activities will build independent living and socialization skills via learning opportunities on-site and/or out in the community.

  • Shopping Trips:
  • - Shopping at local retail and grocery stores to ensure clients have all basic needs items at minimum.

  • Personal Funds Management:
  • - Assistance with budgeting, money management, and bill payment.

  • On-Call Response System:
  • - 24/7 days per week on-call response system.

  • Transportation:
  • - Door to door transportation to various appointments, activities, etc. based on clients assessments and needs. Transportation is limited to clients and will not be provided to client's family and friends. Rate is based on expectation of approximately 10 one-way trips per month at 30 min. each trip.

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